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Why buy from John Mann’s Guitar Vault ?

In this world of internet shopping and big box stores, with everyone touting the lowest pricing available and free shipping, why would you buy a guitar or amp from a small local shop like John Mann’s Guitar Vault?

What we offer, you can’t get at those other places. I offer only the very best products available anywhere. With that you also get friendly, expert knowledge and advice…  world class customer support… expert service and repair… free annual guitar setups… all that, and more at a fair price.

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How to make your guitar into a tone monster

Well it’s time to bring it to the “Guitar Doctor” –  John Mann. We have the knowledge and the experience to take your guitar to the next level. We can make it sing… we can make it play better and more easily… we can make it a tone monster!

Call me for an appointment or stop by the shop to discuss your project.

Check out  this quick video (done with my cell phone) of a very satisfied customer…

Bob Marsh testing out his guitar that we worked on for him. I think he loves it!

It’a a “lawsuit” Greco Les Paul that he had us replace the pickups and electronics that came from another Greco, that had holy grail pups in it. Also did a fret level and dress, setup, intonation and  treble bleed mod and for good measure… we  sprinkled some of our favorite fairy dust on it. Now this baby has some mojo !!!

I think you will agree we turned a sleeper into a monster tone machine!
Kudos to Tom Keating who performed all the work.

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Why Buy a PRS Amp from John Mann’s Guitar Vault

doug sewellA customer, Ray Nieuwenhuizen, of Peterboro NH, recently traded his 100 watt Marshall stack for a PRS Sweet 16 amp head and 1×12″ cabinet. Ray clearly was quite pleased with the results…

The Tube amplifier is a great example of a product that withstood the test of time – there are not too many products from the 1930s that have survived the ever increasing pace of innovation. My grandfather, who was a professional musician, always reminded me to buy a real tube amp whenever I had the opportunity to do so – “they just sound so much better that those transistor amps”,  he’d say. When he passed away he left me some of his hard earned money – what better way than to invest it in a real tube amp.
PRS Sweet 16
At the time, John Mann’s Guitar Vault didn’t exist, and the only stores around with high quality amps were the usual chain stores. Yes, the ones packed with people jamming on every imaginable variety of instruments, yet none of them playing to the same tune or music. Purchasing an amp with that much noise around you is not all that conducive to making the right choice; to make matters worse, the personnel in the store didn’t have much time to assist nor could they provide very helpful advice. I did walk away with an amazing Marshall amp stack – a DSL 2000 TSL 100 with a vintage cabinet. The ultimate blues/rock amp – at least so I thought at the time.

Years later I met John at his amazing store in Bedford, NH where I purchased my PRS Custom 24. Apart from the people who work at PRS, there is arguably no one more knowledgeable about PRS than John. He worked with Paul to develop the original tremolo bridge in the ‘70s – the ones that are still being used on PRS guitars today. He truly is a walking encyclopedia of PRS factoids in particular, and everything to do with guitars in general. It was John who aptly pointed out that my beloved TSL 100 was grossly overpowered for what I was using it for. I was not getting the full sound benefits of the tubes simply because I couldn’t turn them up enough without destroying my hearing, drowning out fellow jam session players, or waking up the family at night.

John insisted that a lower wattage amp would give me the sound I was looking for. Easier said than done – between the emotional attachment to the amp and the sheer wow factor of the Marshall stack, making the decision to part with it was by no means an easy one. John and PRS made it happen though.

John has the full line up of PRS amps and speaker cabinets in his store. All amazing amps with their own unique sound. I kept going back to the very first one that John pointed me to – a PRS Sweet 16 with a 1×12 Celestion speaker cabinet. This amp is beautiful in its simplicity and incredibly responsive to changes in Volume, Equalizer and Master volume. You can very quickly switch from crystal clear, to 70’s rock, Gary Moore blues, and back again. It brought the absolute best out of my Custom 24, and sounds amazing on my Fender and Gibson guitars. Even with the Master at 1, this 16 Watt amp sounds incredibly rich and warm. With both Volume and Master at 10, it is still plenty potent to make the windows shake and the neighbors tremble. What seemed like a really hard decision became a very obvious one – the PRS Sweet 16 would replace my beloved TSL 100.

PRS Sweet 16 Matching Custom 24What will stay with me forever was the experience. It was just me and John in his store. He took the time to understand what I was looking for in an amp, then spent ample time explaining the options I could look at, covering in detail how the different amp configurations could meet my needs. We then lined up all the options and I swapped back and forth for several hours. Yes… several hours of uninterrupted comparison testing, John’s guidance along the way, and not having to sound over 15 different varieties of Stairways to Heaven… You just can’t beat that experience.

John didn’t stop there – he assured me that we would find a good home (and for the right price) for the Marshall stack through his network. To top it off, he contacted the PRS factory, sent them a picture of my PRS Custom 24, and arranged to have the front plate of the amp and cabinet match my guitar pattern and color! The folks at PRS were just as amazing – they perfectly matched the solid maple face plates to my guitar, which went through the same detailed paint process as my guitar did, and even installed a matching blue power light instead of the standard red one. Where do you get this type of service and attention anymore? Exactly – John Mann’s Guitar Vault!

Thanks John!

Ray Nieuwenhuizen

PRS Custom 24 Sweet 16 Cabinet