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Guitar Setups

Did you know that every guitar you purchase at John Mann’s Guitar Vault comes with a FREE 70 point annual inspection and setup?

When do you need a Guitar Setup?
Ask yourself these questions:
Does your guitar seem out of tune, even though you just tuned it?
Has your guitar started to buzz recently when it didn’t before?
Does your guitar seem to be more difficult to play recently?
Has your guitar remained in its case, unplayed, for months if not years?
If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, then a professional Guitar Setup may be what you need.
Your guitars are a lot like your other valuable investments including your home, car, and even yourself. They need regular maintenance.

What is a Guitar Setup?
A setup involves inspecting every aspect of you guitar, from the basics of making sure each component of the guitar is in good working order to the more complicated aspects of adjusting the neck relief, string height, the condition of the nut and the saddle(s), as well as the pickups and vibrato bridge (if the guitar is equipped with these items).
The adjustments starting point are made within tolerances of your instrument manufacturer’s specs. Then it is fine tuned to your individual playing requirements.

Why do I need a Guitar Setup?
Because most guitars are made of wood and wood is directly affected by the constantly changing climate enviroment. Wood changes with time as well as temperature and humidity. Having your guitar routinely setup protects your investment in the future, as things change.

Check out our 70 Point Inspection and Setup Checklist…


Demo: PRS 2 Channel Custom 50 watt amp

Joe Pero of Fuzzboxx popped in this afternoon at John Mann’s Guitar Vault, on his way to a gig in Manchester, NH and he fell in love again… this time it was with a PRS 2 Channel Custom 50 watt amp! He bought it after plugging his trusty PRS CE guitar and putting it through the paces.  He was comtemplating specing out a CAD amp, but it seems Doug Sewell of PRS Guitars & Amps was inside Joe’s head, because in Joe’s words… “Doug and Paul nailed it!”

We had just enough time to put together this quick and dirty video of Joe running the amp through it’s paces.

Check it out…

Demo: PRS SE Santana

In this video, John gives a demo of the PRS SE Santana. SE stands for Student Edition, and represents PRS’ more affordable line of guitars. Don’t be fooled, however, these guitars are gig ready, and have all the key features such as PRS zebra style humbuckers, bird inlays, and rosewood fingerboard.

You can hear the versatile sound of the guitar on this video. Better yet, make an appointment and come check it out for yourself in the Guitar Vault.