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Videos from September 27, 2019 PRS Guitars clinic featuring Paul Reed Smith & Boscoe France

First 3 videos from September 27, 2019 PRS Guitars clinic featuring Paul Reed Smith & Boscoe France hosted by John Mann’s Guitar Vault.

Special thanks to Paul Reed Smith, Boscoe France & Peter Schuelzky of PRS Guitars. We appreciate you coming up to our showroom here in Bedford, NH.

Special thanks to my team here at John Mann’s Guitar Vault
Roxanne Mann, Adam Young, Michael Vincent, Scot Gibbs, Tom Keating, Christian Eagleston and Sean Varley. I appreciate your hard work before, during and after the clinic! You guys made this clinic a success!

Thank you Scott Winslow for loaning us your building (once again) to host this event.
Thank you Joe and Maureen Marino (MoeJoe Vision) for videoing this event.

~ John Mann

Yvette Young & Mark Holcomb Teach Each Other Riffs

October 14, 2019John MannDemos, News, Videos0

Cool re-post from (Check out our storefront on Reverb)…

With her band Covet, Yvette Young crafts spidery, finger-tapped riffs that are as much a product of her math rock prowess as they are emo heart. And as a guitarist for progressive metal pioneers Periphery, Mark Holcomb brings technicality and sheer shred-ability to pummeling yet melodic heights.

Today, Yvette and Mark take part in a meeting of the prog-metal and prog-emo minds. Swapping riffs, teaching each other licks, and playing together in the Reverb studio, the two guitarists have a frank conversation, fretboard to fretboard.

Watch the full video above to learn some of their hard-picked wisdom. Then, check out our previous feature with Yvette on “Creating Songs with Guitar Tapping and Open Tunings” and Mark’s lessons for Periphery’s “Marigold,” “The Way the News Goes…,” and more.

Tyler Larsen / Music Is Win visits the Guitar Vault

Check out this video from Tyler Larson of Music is Win. We were blessed to have him drop in for a visit during his “50 States. 50 Guitar Stores. 50 Weeks” Road Tour this past summer!