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PRS Guitars releases new model – CE 24 Standard Satin

Paul Reed Smith and the PRS team have done it again… Re-release the iconic CE 24, which has it’s origins the the 1990’s, add some new improvements and subtle twists and then release dressed for rock ‘ n ‘ roll version – the CE 24 Satin Standard.

The CE 24 Standard Satin combines a mahogany body and bolt-on maple neck – all finished with a thin layer of satin nitro. The mahogany body lends warmth to the snap and response that comes from bolt-on construction, and the satin nitro finish provides an addictively playable neck and stunning resonance and clarity. To further maximize the guitar’s inherent tone, the CE 24 Standard Satin features PRS 85/15 pickups, which Paul designed to have remarkable clarity as well as extended high and low end. The electronics consist of a volume and push/pull tone control with 3-way toggle switch for a total of six classic sounds. If you’re looking for sonic versatility, enviable style, and effortlessness playability, look no further.

John Mann’s Guitar Vault already has some of each finish on order, and these guitars are guarrenteed to find good homes quickly, so PRE-ORDER yours today!



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