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Tony McManus clinic – Part 10

Tony McManus – Part 9 – PRS SE A-10 demo

Here is our ninth installment of videos presenting the great Tony McManus, a PRS Guitars signature endorser.

John Mann’s Guitar Vault was honored to host our first acoustic guitar clinic featuring Tony and PRS Guitars. The night was filled with world class music as well as insightful conversation from a master of the acoustic guitar. The date was Oct 22, 2015.

In this segment, Tony talks a demos a PRS SE A10 acoustic, has some fun with “Stairway to Heaven” and plays yet another beautiful tune.

The sound system was a Mackie PA head, JBL speakers. His guitar was plugged in direct thru a Fishman Aura Spectrum Pre-amp/DI and doubled with a near field condenser mic. The only effects used was a tad of reverb on the PA head. The video was recorded live with a Sony video cam by Joe Marino.

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