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Why buy from John Mann’s Guitar Vault ?

In this world of internet shopping and big box stores, with everyone touting the lowest pricing available and free shipping, why would you buy a guitar or amp from a small local shop like John Mann’s Guitar Vault?

What we offer, you can’t get at those other places. I offer only the very best products available anywhere. With that you also get friendly, expert knowledge and advice…  world class customer support… expert service and repair… free annual guitar setups… all that, and more at a fair price.

Here is a recent email conversation with a customer…


Thank you John for the excellent support !

I took the back panel off of my amp when I got home Thursday nite.
I removed the steel spring loaded cover of that pre-amp tube, but just before removing the tube, I turned on the amp one more time to be sure the lead channel was still not working. Now it was working again!But I replaced the tube to be safe, played the gig and had no more problems.

Please pass along my thanks to the PRS team for the amazing support I received.
From someone who does customer support for a living, I can truly appreciate the help you and the PRS team gave me.

I was able to take my amp to the gig without any concerns.
I will be passing this story along to my friends and recommending your store and PRS equipment not just for the quality, but for the customer support!



From: Douglas Sewell

Hello John—

The tube that is dedicated only to the lead channel (the only serviceable thing by the customer)  is:

Looking into the back of the amp—the 2nd tube from the right, in the row closest to the front of the amp.

It’s a 12AX7 (ECC83S).

Please see the attached pic for reference.


Tube layout of a PRS Custom 50 amp

From: John Mann
Subject: FW: why my lead channel just died Custom 50 amp

Shawn / Doug

Customer amp issue…
Pre-Amp tube ?


From: Denis

Subject: why my lead channel just died Custom 50 amp

Any idea why my lead channel just died?
The clean channel works fine.
When I turned on the amp tonite the lead channel sounded fine for maybe 10 seconds, then no sound after that.
I need the amp for tomorrow nite.

What can I check?


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