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PRS Guitars & John Mann’s Guitar Vault @ NE/Boston Amp Show – April 27-28, 2019



NE/Boston Amp Show

NE/Boston Amp Show with John Mann’s Guitar Vault & PRS Guitars

If you’ve ever wanted to try every amp we currently make in one sitting, you should make plans to join PRS and John Mann’s Guitar Vault at the NE/Boston Amp, Pedal and Guitar Show.

We’ll have a special factory selection of Amps including the new Tremonti Signature MT 15 head, plus Archon and Sonzera models. We’ll also have several Core, Bolt-on, S2 and SE guitars on hand including the new John Mayer Signature Silver Sky model – so you can see and play all the latest PRS gear!

* PRS Artist, Bryan Ewald will be on hand to demonstrate our guitars and amps. PRS Brand Representative, Peter Schuelzky and John Mann from John Mann’s Guitar Vault will be on hand to chat about everything PRS.

Bring some good questions for Peter, Bryan and John!

APRIL 27 & 28th – 11am – 5:30pm

Mark your calendars, tell your friends, and do not miss this event!

Free SWAG while it lasts.We hope to see you there.

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Professional Guitar Repair – done right

Here is an example of why you want your guitar worked by a professional  – that’d be me  😉

Recently, a customer brought in a PRS Singlecut guitar to repair a repair. He had the pickups swapped out with a set that was designed to be coil tapped… except that they didn’t function in the split mode. After opening this guitar up to check out what was the issue, I discovered this… bad soldering joints… incorrect wiring… incomplete grounding… It probably took me longer to figure out what had been done and how correctly go about fixing it, then to actually do it! What a mess!!! The sad part is that it cost twice as much to fix someone else’s butcher / hack job than it would have if he brought to me in the first place. Just sayin… John Mann’s Guitar Vault  –  World Class Sales & Service of Guitars, Amps, Effects, Parts & Accessories