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How to make your guitar into a tone monster

Well it’s time to bring it to the “Guitar Doctor” –  John Mann. We have the knowledge and the experience to take your guitar to the next level. We can make it sing… we can make it play better and more easily… we can make it a tone monster!

Call me for an appointment or stop by the shop to discuss your project.

Check out  this quick video (done with my cell phone) of a very satisfied customer…

Bob Marsh testing out his guitar that we worked on for him. I think he loves it!

It’a a “lawsuit” Greco Les Paul that he had us replace the pickups and electronics that came from another Greco, that had holy grail pups in it. Also did a fret level and dress, setup, intonation and  treble bleed mod and for good measure… we  sprinkled some of our favorite fairy dust on it. Now this baby has some mojo !!!

I think you will agree we turned a sleeper into a monster tone machine!
Kudos to Tom Keating who performed all the work.

IMG_20150523_145119_066Click here to see the video


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